EMPLOYERMinistry of Natural Resources and Tourism
APPLICATION TIMELINE: 2022-06-22 2022-07-05

i.Develop Strategic Plans, Annual Plans and Budget taking into account the Board’s Vision and Mission as stipulated in Act No. 25 of 1962, Cap 364 R.E.2002 with the aim of developing the institutional capacity with a view to make TTB effective and efficient;


ii.Develop Board’s policies and ensure their implementation; 


iii.Administer all activities related with promotion of Tourism within and outside of the country of Tanzania in collaboration with Tour operators;


iv.Administer and review operations and the implementation of the operational plans for all functional Directorates and Units;


v.To provide with the government and the donor community through the ministry responsible for tourism, the treasury and other state organs;


vi.To be the chief spokesman of the Board and ensures a conducive public and industrial relations (PR) and a good image for the Board;


vii.Develop and initiate revision in the Organizational Structure and make it more efficient in compliance with the Tourist Board Act, No. 25 of 1962, Cap. 364 R.E.2002 and other relevant legislations;


viii.Submit to the Board quarterly and half-year reports in respect to the status of revenue and expenditure;


ix.Prepare and submit estimate of income and expenditure to the Board for its consideration for the subsequent year not later than three months before the end of each financial year;


x.Ensure that the Board’s initiatives are consistent with Government policies;


xi.Submit to the Board at the end of every three months a report containing:-


xii.Performance Indicators and other related information;


xiii.The operations of the Board;


xiv.Such other information as the Board may deem proper.


xv.Supervise, coach and mentor subordinates to ensure their performance is aligned with the Board’s goals and objectives;


xvi.Monitor the implementation of the budget of the Board;


xvii.Carry out periodic staff performance review of subordinates; and


xviii.Perform any other related duties as may be directed by the Board.



Holder of Master’s Degree in Tourism, Marketing, and Business Administration/Commerce in Marketing, Human Resources Management, Public Administration, Economics, Law or equivalent qualification with working experience of at least twelve (12) years of experience of which three (3) years should be in a Managerial position. 


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