Employer: Vocational Educational and Training Authority (VETA)
Date Published: 2019-03-14
Application Deadline: 2019-03-28




(i)      Participate  in  the  preparation  of  annual  plan  and  budget  by  compiling  data  from his work station for onward submission to the superior;

(ii)    Prepare scheme of training by interpreting the curriculum and guidelines in view to achieve optimum results and set objectives;

(iii)   Prepare appropriate tools and equipment required for presentation/Demonstration by  identifying  them  as  mentioned  in  a  range  statement  in  order  to  enable conducive training process

(iv)   Effectively and efficiently deliver instructions to trainees of level one (1) up to level three  (3)  only  through  lectures,  demonstrations,  discussions  and  performing intended  knowledge  skill  and  attitude  in  order  to  produce  trainees  with  the Perform  formative  and  summative  assessment  to  preparing  and  using assessment  tools  such  as  oral,  written,  product  assessment  and  record  in  Log books in order to evaluate their level of competences

(v)    Participate  in  curriculum  development  by  initiating  improvement recommendations, attending workshops, seminars in order to validate the value of training as per the economic growth demand;

(vi)   Prepare daily, weekly, monthly, terminal and annual implementation and progress reports by compiling trainee’s assessment forms in view  to  evaluate  training status;

(vii)  Monitor discipline of trainees by following rules and regulations stipulated in their joining instruction in order to maintain peace and order at the Training Centre;

(viii)Guide  safe  use  of      training  tools  and equipment by  performing  daily  preventive and  corrective  maintenance  such  as  cleaning,  lubricating,  fault  checking  and  do minor repairing to maintain their life span;

(ix)   Provide cancelling to trainees through physical discussion and advising in order to give direction and guidance for the better life of our trainees and

(x)    Prepare monthly, quarterly/annual financial progress report by consolidating progress station records for onward submission to the superior.


Form  Four  (IV)  Certificate  with  at  least  3  credits,  plus  Diploma or  Full  Technical

Certificate (FTC) either in Automotive or Agro Mechanization Engineering with at least 2 years relevant work experience. 

REMUNERATION: Salary Scale Attractive remuneration package in

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