Employer: Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA)
Date Published: 2019-04-13
Application Deadline: 2019-04-26




(i)To control movement of people, vehicles and animals and monitor access to restricted areas,

(ii)To screen airport staff, visitors, passengers, baggage, mails and cargo, identify and deal with any unattended baggage according to the established security procedures,

(iii)To identify and dispose of dangerous and hazardous materials found in passenger baggage,

(iv)To check identification  or  travel  documents  for  all  passengers,  staff  and  airport  users requiring access for accuracy and evidence of tempering,

(v)To search vehicles accessing the airport restricted areas for purposes of identifying and preventing restricted articles into airside,

(vi)To monitor passenger flow through screening check point to ensure order and efficiency,

(vii)To conduct passenger risk assessment to identify passengers who should be subject to special attention,

(viii)To carry out patrols of the airside/landside areas to ensure locations are secure, identify and report vulnerability and threats within the airport areas to determine security needs for purposes of improvement,

(ix)To enforce the airport by-laws related to security, evacuate staff and passengers to safe location during security incidences and manage crowd control during emergencies,

(x)To close entry areas following security breaches and reopen after receiving notification that the airport is secure,

(xi)To follow up recovery of airport passes from persons who are no longer working at the airport, 

(xii)To conduct daily inspection and test of security equipment and facilities,

(xiii)To escort visitors to airside of the restricted areas at the airport,

(xiv)To search aircraft considered to be at a higher risk for detection of concealed explosive devices or weapons,

(xv)To escort high value cargo from the ware house to the aircraft,

(xvi)To carry out aircraft guarding and escort duties within the restricted areas, 

(xvii)To update and maintain records of incidences, status of security equipment’s and lists of visitors and vehicles at a security check point and,

(xviii)To perform any other duty as may be assigned by supervisor.



Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Law, Sociology, Human Resources, Public Administration, International Relations, Business Administration or equivalent qualification from a recognized Institution and who has undergone Militia Training or National Service training or any other Degree.


REMUNERATION: Salary Scale TAA Scheme of service

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